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WOWMotherboards - The perfect fit for any of your DCC Conversions!

Features Include:

  • Built-in Keep Alive® to keep your locomotive running smoothly over dead spots or dirty track.

  • Built-in resistors for LEDs.

  • NOTE: Add a 21-pin WOW121 or EU821 Decoder for this product to function properly.

...And many more features! ​

Check out our products for the full list of features of our WOWMotherboards!

Now available with High Pins!

Comparing High Pin & Low PIn.png
High Pin Motherboards:
  • Supports ALL other Manufacturer's 21-Pin Decoders such as Soundtraxx®, ESU®, and more! 
Low Pin Motherboards:
  • Sold individually
  • Also featured in our WOWKits for both Steam and Diesel
  • Our 21-Pin Decoders have the smallest height profile in the industryThis allows for tighter installations where space is limited!​
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