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Leave CV programming behind with Audio Assist®, the intuitive audio menu system that comes with every TCS WOWSound decoder! Never look up another programming manual or CV ever again thanks to the intuitive and easy to use Audio Assist® programming process! With Audio Assist®, your WOWSound decoder will literally talk you through common programming options. Follow the verbal commands to change horns and bells, calibrate chuffs, change sound volumes, remap sounds and lighting effects, and so much more using Audio Assist®. Program all of your sound functionality and most of your lighting functionality without ever touching a single CV or your programming track.

What is Audio Assist®?

Audio Assist® is an auditory feedback programming process, integrated into every WOWSound decoder manufactured. Audio Assist® has been included in every WOWSound decoder ever since Version 1! Audio Assist® works in a similar way to an automated telephone answering service. After entering the program, you can modify decoder settings by listening to the audio prompts, and then pressing the button or buttons corresponding to whatever option you would like to change or operation you would like to perform.

Using Audio Assist®

With your locomotive stopped on an operational track, rapidly press button 8 four times to activate the Audio Assist® guide. Follow the prompts to quickly set up and change the settings on your locomotives. Pressing button 9 at any time brings you to the previous menu, and pressing 0 will exit Audio Assist® altogether and return you to normal operation.


Many of the functions available in WOWSound decoders are adjustable through Audio Assist®. We recommend using the Audio Assist® functionality whenever possible, as it is typically much faster and easier to do programming in this way.

The Capabilities
of Audio Assist®

Sound Volumes

Audio Assist® is capable of configuring the sound volume of the decoder overall via the Master Volume setting, as well as individual volumes for each specific sound type.

Sound Function Mapping

Audio Assist® is most commonly use to set up sound functions in your WOWSound decoder. Examples include changing volume levels, changing sound button mappings, and changing your engine type (steam chuff set or diesel prime mover).

Light Functions

Audio Assist® can be used to configure your lighting outputs. You can set up lighting effects on an output, change the active direction, and change what button turns the light on and off.

Speed Matching

While in operation and running on your track, you can use Audio Assist® to speed match your locomotive in real-time! Take the guesswork out of programming CV's by using Audio Assist® to speed match your locomotive against other locomotives while running and get that speed matching just perfect.

User Presets

TCS Decoders are unique in offering 3 User Presets that can be set and saved. These allow you to save 3 versions of your own sound settings for easy resets to settings other than the factory default values. These can only be set up through Audio Assist®. Please consult the Programming Guide for your decoder version for more information on setting up and using User Presets.

And Much More!

Audio Assist® is featured on both WOWSteam and WOWDiesel decoders. We can't cover all of the details here, so please make sure to visit our Videos section for further information and demonstrations.

Audio Assist® Diagrams

For the complete Audio Assist® programming trees, click to download the PDF for the current production version: WOWSteam || WOWDiesel
You can also visit the product page for your decoder to view the Audio Assist tree diagram for that decoder type.

Pro tip: Pressing 4 from the Audio Assist main menu will take you to the "Additional Options" submenu. TCS users have reported finding some interesting things while digging around in there. Wink wink. 

Leave the programming to us...
With Audio Assist®!

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