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Others have tried, but no other DCC decoder manufacturer can replicate the realism in throttle operation found in WOWSound decoders from TCS.

Prototype Throttle Mode, AKA Proto-Notch™ is the TCS exclusive approach to matching the motive power sounds of your scale model locomotive with the full-scale prototype. While others may claim to have a "full throttle" experience, TCS WOWSound was the first and only sound decoder to deliver a fully-automatic 'simulated' throttle experience while also delivering an easy-to-use manual control mode simultaneously.

Using our advanced BEMF motor algorithm, TCS WOWSound decoders can sense exactly how much force is being applied to the rails to move your locomotive and train. Through the magic of science and math, the decoder can scale the effort of the model to the real thing and play the right sound to match the work being done.

Several factors come together to give you the most realistic throttle responsiveness and dynamic sound experience on ANY sound decoder. Period.

Industry Leading BEMF

TCS decoders feature the most sophisticated Back-EMF motor control algorithm.

No other decoder creeps slower or runs smoother out of the package!

True-To-Life Sounds

Unlike other decoders on the market, TCS decoders feature only real-life recordings of sounds from real locomotives. We never artificially create phony noises in a laboratory!

Precision Load Sensing

Our BEMF algorithm feeds an advanced sound processor which computes the current load of your locomotive hundreds of times per second.

Changes you make to the speed also affect the load.

Dynamic Volume

Not only will prime mover notches change, but the true-to-life recordings of these notch transitions will vary in volume just like real life. At idle, the locomotive will be quieter than when working!

Dynamic Throttle

The calculated load and current speed is used to determine the active prime mover notch, or intensity of the chuff in real time as the load changes throughout the environment of your layout.

Manual Control

You're in control of this train! WOWSound decoders have ALWAYS offered the option to manually set the throttle position for manual notching and chuff intensity.

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