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Voltage  Regulator

Never wire another resistor for 1.5v bulbs! The VR1.5 can be used with any decoder to supply a 1.5V regulated supply for all of your light bulbs.

To use the VR1.5, connect the Blue wire to the 12V power supply from your decoder (BLUE), and connect the Black & White wire to the Ground on the decoder (can be the same color wire, or on the board itself).

The Tan wire from the regulator supplies the 1.5V common source for all of your lights. The other wire from each of your bulbs can then be wired to the necessary outputs from the decoder. The VR1.5 will also benefit from any KeepAlive device you may be using with your decoder!

The VR1.5 is a great Add-On for Athearn installations if you are not using a TCS motherboard with onboard 1.5V power supply.

The VR1.5 is rated for input voltages ranging from 8 - 20 Volts DC, and has a maximum rated output current of 120mA.

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