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A symphony of electric motors and gearboxes that will make you say WOW!

  • ACS-64 recordings were done in cooperation with Amtrak® and Septa® 

  • Features TCS-exclusive feature "WHOOSH" - Sounds recorded from high-speed train runbys in the Northeast Corridor. 

  • Authentic sounds recorded at Septa Wayne Junction, Septa Frasier Yard Amtrak® Ivy City Terminal, Washington DC, and Septa Passenger Lines.

  • Industry best sound. CD-Quality Sound with 16 Bits of resolution at 44.1kHz sample rate.

  • Separate motor whine and gearbox noise increase prototypically with speed.

  • Industry-leading Back EMF with superior slow-speed performance and glass-smooth "cruise control" even under load!

  • Built-in KA4 KeepAlive®

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