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and Improved Depot Tool now available!


No login required!
Automatically downloads firmware files!
Easier than ever before to connect your throttle!
Improved reliability when updating throttles!​

Download: TCS Depot Version 2.1.1 Setup

System Requirements:   64-bit Windows 7 or newer

Depot is a custom software tool from TCS for updating products such as the UWT-100, UWT-50, and CS-105

After Downloading TCS Depot, see below if you need some tips on installation. 

Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install TCS Depot

  1. Click the Download Link above to download the installer.
    Note: if you encounter any issues with the download, please refer to the help section at the bottom of this page

  2. Once the download has finished, run the installer and follow the instructions in the installer. 

2022-12-27 10_46_08-TCS DEPOT Setup.png
2022-12-27 10_46_15-TCS DEPOT Setup.png
Previous versions of Depot will automatically be uninstalled

The current version of Depot (2.1.1) and newer feature an automatic uninstaller feature. Once the program has been installed, it will check for previous versions. If an outdated version is found, the screen will show an option to uninstall the previous version. Always click "Yes" to uninstall previous versions.

2022-12-27 10_46_03-TCS DEPOT Setup.png
For instructions on how to update your TCS WiFi command system products, such as the UWT-100, UWT-50, and
CS-105 using TCS Depot CLICK HERE.

Mac and Linux Users Use One of The Other Two Methods We Offer for updating.

Use the TCS Integrated Web Interface or JMRI to update your TCS Devices. The Depot Tool does not support these operating systems yet.

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