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Decoder Installation Services

TCS' new in-house installation service is a one-stop-shop for a DCC decoder and installation.

Have your locomotive TCS-equipped by the people who know our decoders best! No headaches or researching "what decoder do I need?" Leave it to us! We will install your DC-only or DCC-ready locomotive with one of many high-quality DCC decoders. Proudly made in the USA with dedication to quality and realism!

WOW your friends, family, and club mates with a fresh new sound installation featuring one of TCS' iconic "WOWSound" sound decoder
s, or keep it stealthy with a standard non-sound decoder installation. The choice is yours!

Our installation services are guaranteed to be top quality workmanship. No need to worry about "rat nests" of wires inside your locomotives binding your gears and burning up the electronics!

Have a question, or looking for a service not listed below? Reach out for a quote today using the form below!

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Have a question, or looking for a service not listed above? Reach out to us via email for a quote today!

Please read before submitting:

Most locomotives are covered under our comprehensive services listed above. Please do not submit an RFQ for popular manufacturers such as Atlas, Intermountain, Bachmann, KATO, Walthers, Life-Like , etc. as all of these are covered in our services listed above.

TCS will not accept Rivarossi locomotives for installation. This is largely due to the poor quality materials used to assemble these models, as they have a tendency to break or disintegrate easily. This, combined with other factors is why we do not accept these models for installation.

TCS does not offer N-scale sound decoders at this time. We can install current-generation sound decoders in specific long-haul steam tenders, but not in diesel locomotives. This may change in the near future, but for the time being, installation with sound is not possible in N-scale diesel locomotives or most N-scale steam locomotives.

You may optionally attach a photograph of your locomotive to the submission form - The photo should show the profile of the locomotive (and/or steam tender) with the shell removed. These photos are significantly helpful to our RFQ reviewers when assessing the viability of a WOWSound installation.

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