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Plug & Play ACS-64 DCC & WOWSound Decoder with KeepAlive®

Plug & Play ACS-64 DCC & WOWSound Decoder with KeepAlive®

SKU: 1252

This product is specifically designed to be installed into Bachmann's AMTRAK® CITY SPRINTER Trainset.

This Plug & Play WOWElectric Decoder is a direct-plug decoder designed for Bachmann's AMTRAK® CITY SPRINTER Train Set.

Give your Bachmann ACS-64 the lights and sounds of the real thing! Sounds in this decoder match perfectly with Amtrak's ACS-64. The WOWElectric sound package includes horn, bell, cooling fan/power inverter, pantograph extension and retraction, coupler close/release, brake release and application, momentum, crew alert, grade crossing quill, departing and arriving station announcements, WHOOSH sounds, and more! TCS-exclusive WHOOSH feature. Sounds were recorded from high-speed train passes in the Northeast Corridor. 


Dual Mode Operation - This decoder will operate lights, motor, and sounds on DCC and DC power.


Includes an onboard Keep Alive® (KA4 style) for uninterrupted performance over the dirty track.


This decoder is identical to the OEM version which comes with the "DCC Sound Equipped" ACS-64 from Bachmann Trains.


Click Here to view Bachmann's AMTRAK® CITY SPRINTER Trainset

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