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Looking for Talented Train Enthusiast
Contact John via email <>
for any questions or to submit your resume. 

Calling all train enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to work for the premier DCC decoder manufacturer in the world? This is your opportunity! Listed below are our available positions for full-time employment. 
All duties are to be performed on-site at TCS headquarters in Blooming Glen, PA.

Marketing and Media Expert

  • Recording and editing videos such as product demonstrations, technical tutorials, and more
  • Audio and video recording of real life locomotives
  • Customer phone & email support
  • Website maintenance (Wix)
  • Assist engineering staff (Product and feature testing, relay customer feedback, etc.)

Software & Product Development Engineer

  • Work with Assembly Langauge
  • Work with C Langauge
  • PCB Design using EagleCad

Engineering Support Technician

  • Assisting Engineering staff as needed
  • Product literature design and maintenance
  • Product testing
  • Decoder installations
  • Good eyesight, steady hands, and good dexterity needed
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