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SKU: 1546

This motherboard is designed to replace the existing circuit board in a Bachmann Baldwin J-Class 2-8-2. This board is designed to receive a WOW121 or EU821 decoder and provides an onboard Keep Alive® (KA4 style) for uninterrupted performance over troublesome tracks. This motherboard includes a rear LED light and onboard resistors for all of the LED solder pads.


NOTE: This product includes an 8-pin socket to reiceve the connecotr included in the J-Class locomotive from Bachmann. This connector from Bachmann has at least two known wiring schemes, one of which is incompatible with this motherboard. Modification to the plug from the locomotive is required, or the wires can be soldered to the coresponding pads on the motherboard. Please refer to the wiring diagram.


NOTE: This product does not function without a decoder. Pick up an EU821 or WOW121 decoder to use this product.


NOTE: TCS motherboards feature on-board resistors for use with LED's. This product is not intended for use with incandescent bulbs without modification or an external power supply such as the VR1.5.

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