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UWT-100 - Magnetic Encoder Upgrade

UWT-100 - Magnetic Encoder Upgrade



This is an in-house service upgrade of the encoder for your UWT-100 by technicians at TCS. You must mail your UWT-100 to TCS in order for this upgrade to be installed.


Why the change?

The UWT-100 makes use of a mechanical encoder for the thumbwheel. The mechanical encoder has physical contacts that have a finite lifetime. This is true for all mechanical encoders, including those used in throttles from other manufacturers. A worn-out encoder will have erratic behavior, sometimes “skipping” while turning or “jumping” backwards, causing significant difficulties and frustration when running a train or entering a password, for example.


Over the course of the last few months, TCS’  R&D team has developed a solution. Instead of offering a mechanical encoder replacement, TCS is now offering a retrofit option which will upgrade your UWT-100 to the magnetic sensor. This retrofit option will be compatible with all existing UWT-100’s. This is expected to extend the encoder life an order of magnitude or more. The feel of the thumbwheel will be the same as using a factory-new mechanical encoder.

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