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LCC-LocoNet Gateway

LCC-LocoNet Gateway


LCC-LocoNet Gateway 4+ bulk

This product can be used to connect Digitrax throttles to a CS-105, as well as other LocoNet and LCC devices.

LCC-LocoNet Gateway

This product can be used to connect devices between the LCC® CAN Bus and the Digitrax LocoNet. The LCC-LocoNet Gateway is an ideal starting point for Digitrax users with the desire to add LCC to their layout. It may also be used to add existing Digitrax throttles and other hardware to LCC layouts, such as one powered by a CS-105.

The USB interface to a computer is not required when using a CS-105 WiFi connection!

15VDC 1.5Amp power supply and CAN Bus terminators included!

Main Product Features:

  • Small package size: 2-7/16" x 4-3/8" x 1-1/8". (including mounting flanges)
  • Bi-directional conversion (LCC <-> LocoNet) of messages for Turnouts, Sensors, and Signals.
  • Dual RJ45 connectors for LCC ® CAN Bus connections.
  • Dual RJ12 connectors for the LocoNet. (stand alone LocoNet optional)
  • Includes USB Type B connector to connect a PC. Works with JMRI over LCC/OpenLCB protocol.
  • 600 ma power supplied to each LCC® CAN Bus port
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