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BSM-1 Switch Machine Accessory Decoder

BSM-1 Switch Machine Accessory Decoder

SKU: 2018

The BSM-1 Accessory Decoder from TCS is a single-output switch controller designed for single turnouts, including wyes. This decoder can be found in current-generation DCC E-Z Track® from Bachmann Trains Inc. The decoder can be installed as a drop-in replacement for DC E-Z Track turnouts, as well as previous-generation E-Z Track DCC turnouts. Soldering is required for installing this decoder. See the Installation section below for instructions.


  • Installation in a "Snap!" - This decoder is purpose-built to operate solenoid-based "snap" turnouts, and is not designed to control “slow-motion” turnout throws. This decoder can be used to operate "snap" switches made by Bachmann, Atlas, and more!


  • Power Source Options - This decoder can be operated on DCC or DC power. If powered using DC, an auxiliary power supply of at least 12V is required.


  • Low Idle Current - decoder will draw 50mA or less when idle.


  • Operational Mode Options - Chose from two different operational modes to suit your operations. See the Programming section below for information on how to re-configure the decoder’s Mode of Operation.


  • Programming Options - The BSM-1 can be operated using DCC commands, or via the tactile push button. Configuration of things such as the address, default “thrown” direction can be set up by using the push button.
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