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SKU: 1592


Replacement 7-pin auxiliary harness for the WOW101 sound decoder line. Includes a 16V 470uF short duration Keep Alive® capacitor. Wires are cut to 6" (152mm). This harness is already included with WOW101 decoders. Separately purchasing this product should be for replacement only. If you would like to add Keep Alive® to a WOW101 decoder, see the "-KA" variants, or check out out options for this harness with factory-attached Keep Alive®


This harness can be used to connect the following functions to a WOW101 decoder:


  • 2x Purple wires for Speaker + and Speaker -


  • Blue wire for connecting light functions and Keep Alive®


  • Black with White stripe wire for connecting Keep-Alive®


  • Tan wire for CAM input


  • Pink wire for Function Output 4


  • Brown wire for Function Output 3


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