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Depot Version 2.1.1 and Hotfix

New Depot Version Available - 2.1.1

In our previous announcement regarding TCS Depot, we outlined several goals for the near-term development of the program. Today, we are happy to announce that many of these goals have been met! The new version of TCS Depot, 2.1.1, introduces the following list of changes and improvements to the program:

Changes and Improvements:

  • Depot will now auto-detect all TCS devices on your WiFi network.

  • Added support for the CS-105 WiFi Command Station.

  • Improved automation of many operations, relying less on user input.

  • Improved flow of operations for an overall better user experience.

  • Fixed an issue with the installer where the program would be flagged by web browsers and operating systems as unsafe for download and/or installation.

New Video - Updating TCS Devices with Depot

Check out our new video which guides you through the update process!

Hotfix for TCS WiFi Devices

In addition to the new Depot Version release, we are also publishing a hotfix that addresses a specific issue found recently. This issue would cause problems with communications between an LCC Hub running in JMRI and any of our WiFi devices running in LCC mode (such as the CS-105, UWT-100, and UWT-50). Throttle software has been incremented to Version 3.0.1, and CS-105 software to 1.0.1. This update file ONLY addresses this single issue and is not a required update for users who are not using an LCC Hub in JMRI to interface with our WiFi throttles and your command station.

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