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This battery-powered module uses WiFi to operate a decoder in an HO-scale locomotive

This module can be installed in the average HO-scale locomotive and can be powered from a battery or other DC power source.

The WDMI is in essence a tiny DCC Command Station, and outputs DCC signals to a decoder. The module outputs a WiFi signal, which can connect to and is controlled by a WiFi throttle such as a TCS UWT, a tablet, or smartphone.

A tablet or smartphone would need to have a corresponding app, such as:

  • WiFitrax "Loco Operator 3"
  • "Engine Driver" by Steve Todd
  • "WiThrottle" by Brett Hoffman

You can also use the UWT-100 or UWT-50 from TCS which requires no additional software, and will directly connect to the WDMI and control the train.

The WDMI-32 will fit into many HO-scale locomotives, and can be used together with your choice of suitable Sound or Non-Sound DCC Decoder, such as the WOW101, T4, etc.

The module must be powered from a 12V DC source, and that source must have enough current capacity to power the module, decoder, and locomotive itself.

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