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SKU: 1627

This motherboard is specifically designed to replace the original lighting board in the Walthers Mainline GE ES44 "GEVo" diesel locomotive.


Included on this motherboard is a KA2 Keep-Alive™ for smooth operation over troublesome tracks. Pair with a WOW121 for unparrelled sound and interruption free performance.


NOTE: This product does not function without a decoder. Pick up an EU821 or WOW121 diesel decoder to use this product.


NOTE: TCS motherboards feature on-board resistors for use with LED's. This product is NOT intended for use with incandescent bulbs without modification and/or an external power supply such as the VR1.5.


Note: The WM-MB1 was designed to the original specifications and pin-outs found in the Walthers Mainline ES44 GEVo, which includes duplicated outputs for Function 1 through Function 4 on both 6-pin connectors at each end. Be cautious when connecting these functions so as to not load the same function output with multiple lights unintentionally.


The WM-MB1 has plugs for connectors to interface with the functions of your locomotive. These plugs should be included from the factory. If your model does not include these harnesses, or you would like to install your own, they may be purchased separately.


  • 2-Pin Mini JST Speaker Connector (x1)
  • 2-Pin Mini JST Red & Black (x2 Track pwr, x1 Motor, optional x2 F5 & F6 )
  • 6-pin Mini JST Walthers Connector (x2)
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