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SKU: 1590

TCS Keep-Alive® (KA) devices are used to supply power to decoders during times of power interruption due to dirty track or problematic track work. 


Newly-redesigned at half the size of a KA3, the KA1 will power HO or N scale locomotives with approximately one-third of the capacitance of KA3/KA4 devices (depending on the locomotive and motor).


The WAUX-KA1 includes the auxiliary harness for the WOW101 sound decoder line with a KA1 Keep-Alive® device attached.


This harness can be used to connect the following functions to a WOW101 decoder:


  • 2x Purple wires for Speaker + and Speaker -


  • Blue wire for connecting light functions and Keep Alive®


  • Black with White stripe wire for connecting Keep-Alive®


  • Tan wire for CAM input


  • Pink wire for Function Output 4


  • Brown wire for Function Output 3


The WAUX-KA1 is designed for use with the TCS WOW101 ONLY

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