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Tortoise™ Quik-Link

Tortoise™ Quik-Link


Tortoise Quik-Link 4+bulk

Plug-and-play control board for Tortoise™ slow-motion switch controllers

Tortoise™ Quik-Link

The Tortoise Quik-Link is a plug-and-play control board for Tortoise slow-motion switch controllers. Breakaway connector inserts allow use on older Tortoises with narrow paddle contacts.

This board can be directly connected to any LCC I/O output port using a ribbon cable
Connected via a Quik-Link Breakout board using a 3 wire servo style cable.

Each Torotise Quik-Link draws about 10mA of power from the LCC CAN Bus. A powered LCC CAN Bus is required.

Feedback options include Tortoise position or Fascia panel button connection. Both control and position indication are available over the same 3 wires by using the Button Quik-Link.

Tortoise™ is a trademark of Circuitron.

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