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LT Panel

LT Panel

SKU: 1599

This product is used with the LT-50 "Layout Throttle." This panel can be used to create a DCC track output when used with an LT-50 using the specified jack. A single additional wired LCC throttle can be connected to the front of the panel, and this panel can be connected into a larger LCC network using the jacks on the back. This panel can also be used as a power injection point for an LCC network (400mA per port) when used with an appropriate power supply (not included).  


The LT Panel has a few notable physical features:

  • Green 2-pin Track Output connector with detachable screw terminal connector
  • 2.5mm x 5.5mm barrel jack for Power In
  • Configuration Jumpers (see details below)
  • Single "LT" RJ-45 jack(for LT-50 only)
  • Three "LCC" RJ-45 jacks (1x Front: For T-50; 2x Rear for LCC Bus)
  • Bi-color LED for "Track On"


Package Includes:

  • LT Panel board x1
  • LT Panel fascia cover plate x1
  • Fascia mounting screws x4
  • Fascia cover plate screws x2
  • Option Jumpers x3
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