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LCC Buffer-USB

LCC Buffer-USB


LCC Buffer-USB 4+ bulk

Connect your wired LCC network to your PC with this handy gadget for easy configuration, monitoring, and control of your LCC nodes.

NMRA CAN bus LCC® to USB interface

This product can be used to interface your wired LCC network with a computer. Simplify your LCC configuration process, use a PC-based CTC, and more! Compatible with JMRI. Ready to run. USB cable included.
– No add-on power supply required!

– No jumpers or switches to set!
– No additional purchases required!

The LCC-USB can be used to update firmware on wired LCC products, including the TCS LT-50 and B-106.

NOTE: This product is NOT the LCC-Loconet gateway for Digitrax products.

Main Features of This Product:

  • Small package size - Just 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" x 3/4"
  • Digital isolation between CAN bus LCC® and USB port
  • USB Type B connector for PC
  • Dual RJ45 connector for LCC® CAN Bus connections
  • Four Status LEDs (Ready, Power, Transmit, and Receive)
  • High speed data: 125,000 baud rate over LCC® CAN Bus
  • Buffered inputs and outputs for high speed, error free data transmission.
  • Powered directly from LCC* and USB port.
    *Note: Requires a powered LCC bus. [10 ma. bus load]
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