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SKU: 2010

NOTE: This product is intended for use with N-scale decoders and locomotives. Refer to the "Documents" and "Specs" tab below for more information.

TCS Keep-Alive® (KA) devices are used to supply power to decoders during times of power interruption due to dirty track or problematic track work. The KA-N1 can power an N-scale locomotive for 1-2 seconds over dirty track and power interruptions (depending on the number of lights and efficiency of the motor).


This Keep Alive® has been specifically designed to be as physically small as possible. This product uses a slightly lower voltage and has a lower capacity compared to our larger Keep Alive products such as the KA1, KA4, etc., and is intended to be used with N-scale decoders, such as the K7D4 and more!


For more information on how to connect Keep-Alive® including with other manufacturer's decoder products, click the tab above labeled "Documents."

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