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SKU: 1941

Drop-in decoder with top side on-board LEDs for various KATO Japan electric locomtoives

KATO (Type 8) Drop-in 6-function N-scale Decoder

The K8D6 is a 6-function drop-in decoder for KATO N-scale locomotives. The K8D6-B features two super-bright LEDs on the BOTTOM side of the board for directional ligthing. This decoder includes connections for up to four additional lighting outputs, each with on-board resistors for LEDs.

See the Compatibility tab for a full list of compatible engines. Installed using a plastic clip to secure to the chassis, and has two underside contacts for motor power. Quick and easy installation with no soldering or wires required!

The K8D6 also features RailCom® bi-directional communication for supporting systems.

Some features of this decoder include:

  • Industry Leading BEMF Motor Control: Provides superior slow speed control and high performance under load.
  • Six Lighting Functions: Two on-board LEDs for Headlight, Reverse light, plus four extra outputs for beacons, marker lights, or others.
  • LED-Ready Lighting: This decoder has on-board 1K resistors for use with LEDs. It is not necessary to add your own external current-limiting resistors. 
  • RailCom®: This feature allows the decoder to talk to the command station. RailCom supports expansion for new features.
  • DC Mode: The decoder will automatically detect DC power. You can also configure lighting effects for DC operation.
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