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Heat Shrink 3/32nds OD 5feet

Heat Shrink 3/32nds OD 5feet

SKU: 1559

This custom-made thin-wall shrink tube is excellent for installation work in tight spaces. With an outside diameter of 3/32nds of an inch, this is the larger of the custom shrink tube options we offer. We use this tubing on many of our installations where multiple wires are spliced or run together. It has a thinner wall than a typical shrink tube and remains strong and semi-flexible after use. This heat shrink tubing works exceptionally well for both 30 and 32 AWG wire. There is no printing or marking on the tubing.

Tubing comes in 10 pieces each 6" long (5' total length). You won’t find tubing like this, and especially in these small lengths, anywhere else. This has a place in the toolkit of every serious installer.

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