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BA-100 Booster Adapter

BA-100 Booster Adapter

SKU: 1597

The BA-100 “Booster Adapter” is a product which can be used to connect different manufacturers’ DCC boosters (and command stations) together. This product is intended to offer a quick and easy way to “plug and play” command stations and boosters. Whether upgrading a booster network, command station, or both, the Booster Adapter can help make setup quick and painless!


The BA-100 Booster Adapter has on-board plug and terminal connections for:


  • LCC CAN-bus


  • NCE “Control Bus”


  • Digitrax “L.Net-B”


  • Lenz “CD”


Some use cases for the Booster Adapter include:


  • Connecting a CS-105 to NCE Booster(s)


  • Connecting a CS-105 to Digitrax Booster(s)


  • Connecting a CS-105 to Lenz Booster(s)


  • Connecting a Digitrax command station to NCE Booster(s) (and vice versa)


  • Connecting a NCE command station to TCS Booster(s)


And many more combinations!


The BA-100 can also provide power for other LCC devices distributed around your layout using the on-board barrel jack and an external 15V power supply (not included).


Product Dimensions 2” x 3.25” x 0.6” (52mm x 80mm x 16mm)

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