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SKU: 1561

Drop-in 5-function decoder for AZL SD40-2 and SD40T-2 locomotives

American Z Line (Type 2) Drop-in 5-Function Decoder

The AZL2D5 is a drop-in decoder for American Z Line SD40-2 and SD40T-2 locomotives. See the Compatibility tab for a full list of compatible engines. Attaches with four screws to the frame, and has two contacts for the motor power for quick and easy installation with no soldering or wires required!

The AZL2D5 also features integrated KA-N1 Keep Alive® on-board!

This decoder features:

  • Industry Leading BEMF Motor Control: Provides superior slow speed control and high performance under load.
  • Keep Alive® On-Board: Integrated KA-N1 Keep Alive helps overcome spotty electrical pick up issues to keep your loco running smoothly.
  • Five Lighting Functions: Three on-board LED's for Headlight, Reverse light, and separate Ditch Lights, plus two extra outputs for beacons or flashing ditch lights.
  • RailCom®: This feature allows the decoder to talk to the command station. RailCom supports expansion for new features. 
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