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ACS-64 Decoder Upgrade

ACS-64 Decoder Upgrade


Before submitting, verify your decoder's Version by reading CV 248 on a programming track!

This upgrade program will update your Bachmann OEM ACS-64 decoder to the latest production version available from TCS. For a list of changes from Version 1 to the current version, please refer to our ACS-64 Wiki Documentation. Before submitting your decoder for upgrade, READ CV 248 using a DCC programming track! This will tell you the Sound Set (Version) for the decoder. The current production version is 2! If CV 248 is 2, your decoder is already up to date and not eligible for upgrade.

For instructions on how to remove the decoder, watch This Video.

For return shipment, place the decoder(s) in a water-tight container such as a zip-able plastic bag, and ship your decoder(s) in a small box along with the order confirmation you will receive via email.

Upon receiving your decoder, TCS will perform a hardware and software analysis including a Version check and will update and/or replace the decoder to bring it up to the latest version.
We will do our best to get your decoder(s) turned around as quickly as possible.

Ship decoder to:
(For USPS use this address)
TCS Upgrade
P.O. Box 341
Blooming Glen, PA 18911 USA

(For UPS or FedEx use this address)
TCS Upgrade
845 Blooming Glen Rd.
Blooming Glen, PA 18911 USA

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