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17mm x 12mm Micro

17mm x 12mm Micro

SKU: 1718

This 17mm x 12mm speaker is a tough little beast capable of pumping out 1 Watt of clear and accurate audio. This speaker was hand-picked by TCS to be used in the Bachmann N-scale Siemens Charger locomotives. Truly an impressive speaker in a small package!


This speaker also comes from TCS with 4-inch (100mm) long twisted pair 32AWG wire factory-installed.


Important Safety Note When Using This Speaker:
TCS WOWSound decoders use an audio amplifier capable of supplying up to 2 Watts of power to an 8 Ohm load at maximum volume. The amplifier(s) on a WOWSound product can support speakers with impedance ratings as low as 4 Ohms. A reduction in impedance will result in a more power (more Watts) being supplied to the speaker. This speaker is rated at 8 Ohms of Impedance and 1.0 Watts of continuous power. (See "Specs" for more details) It is recommended that you set your master volume to ~50% or less to prevent over-driving and damage to your decoder or speaker.

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