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24 AWG Wire

24 AWG Wire


This high-quality, high-flexibility hookup wire may be used for buss wiring, large-scale locomotives, or other applications where a heavy wire gauge is necessary.


This wire features #24 AWG multi-strand 105/44 (.002" per strand) soft, bare copper wire which offers superior flexibility. A specially-formulated PVC insulation makes stripping and tinning this wire quick and easy!


24 Gauge wire offers a low impedance of only 28.3 Ohms MAX per 1000 feet, and a maximum current rating of 3.5 Amperes for chassis wiring. This wire is perfect for wiring small layouts, or just about any scale locomotive


TCS is the leading supplier of the highest quality, most flexible wire in the industry! Not only is our wire the most flexible, making it easy to work with and route, our wire is also robust and made with high-quality copper to ensure a long life even in stressful conditions.


TCS offers custom, special-order lengths of our wire products in multiples of 10 feet. Need more wire? No problem! Contact TCS sales for special orders and pricing.


Looking for the right color for your application? Check out the NMRA color code standards HERE.

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