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The DCC Starter System LT-50 "Layout Throttle" is an intelligently designed wired LCC throttle with a built-in command station. Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand and provide easy access to all of the buttons, the LT-50 is the perfect DCC command station for newcomers, or layout operators and builders looking for a highly-capable, portable command station and throttle. Like the CS-105, the LT-50 is overflowing with features, including RailCom® - but there's so much more it can do!

What's in the Box?


LT-50 Handheld Throttle

LT Panel.png

Fascia Panel &
LCC Command Station

LT Power Supply.png

Power Supply

Quick Start Guide

DCC System

  • 1.4A continuous, 2.8A peak current limit with soft start, configurable current limit, and load reporting

  • Up to 25 locomotives running simultaneously

  • Easily program locomotives from the throttle

  • Will work with most scales (HO, N, Z)

  • Metal fascia panel for that perfect fit on your layout

Throttle Features

  • Handheld design based on the lightweight and ergonomic UWT-50

  • Nine user-programmable buttons for convenient operations

  • Encoder knob for throttle control and menu navigation

  • Plain English configuration through menu

  • On-screen help function

  • Can be used as a throttle on LCC and NCE layouts

  • Easy to reach buttons

Maximum Number of Locos

The nominal current limit of the LT-50 is 1.4A continuous. The LT-50 will shut off automatically once a set thermal cutout is reached, and will automatically resume once it has cooled down. Our Wiki has a table to show the Maximum Number of Locos You Can Run Simultaneously with the LT-50:

NMRA Layout Command Control (LCC) Features

  • LT-50-specific RJ-45 jack (1x)

  • RJ-45 jack for LCC communication through CAN-bus (3x)

  • Expandable with additional LCC throttles (sold separately)

  • 400ma LCC power injection points (2x)

  • Low-power DCC passthrough (optional with configuration)

  • Configuration through CAN-bus interface to PC (sold separately)

  • Firmware updates via LCC interface

  • Up to 20, 10-step Macros, including LCC accessory control

  • DCC accessory control for addresses 1-2044 (ie, turnouts)

  • Integrated RailCom® detector

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