CN-GP Decoder

The CN decoder is being received with enthusiasm buy many N scale modelers. Thank you for all the good feed back we received!

  Atlas GP7                                                                            Atlas GP9

Atlas GP7 w/ CN-GP                                                        Atlas GP9 w CN-GP

 The CN-GP fits in all those Atlas GP models with clearance for the light tubes and frame so no modification is needed at all to them. It has four functions. The installations for the CN-GP require the same main steps as the CN, for more detailed information check out the installation guide.

The only main difference with the installation is the elimination of milling, and the additional 2 functions which can be utilized by following the wiring guide which comes with the decoder. The CN-GP comes with forward and reverse onboard, Sunny White, Super-Bright LEDs.

The CN-GP works wonderfully with Train Control Systems exclusive, auto-adjusting BEMF. The superior slow speed control and load compensation make this decoder a truly revolutionary advancement in the N-scale market.

Pick up a CN-GP today, and bring those General Purpose locomotives into the world of DCC.

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