Classic N Decoder Install

       Classic N decoder installation information. In the following pictures the CN is installed in an Atlas RS4/5.

We are looking for feedback from the N scale modelers regarding where this CN decoder will fit.  We do not have a complete list at this time.   We suspect it will work in some other models including some Life Like and Kato locomotives.   Most likely will we will offer this decoder in various versions to accommodate the different chassis. Please let us know where it fits and we will update this information. Also let us know where it does not fit but perhaps where a different version could work, better yet lend us the loco. If you can supply installation pictures to us of the CN decoder fitted in other locos we will give you a free decoder of your choice!  Send the pictures to us at


Wiring Steps Motor Isolation by Tape
Installed Decoder Motor Isolation by Cutting the Tabs



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