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Dear Valued TCS Customer,

We here at TCS have been busy over the past few months shipping out orders, designing new products, researching new products, and looking at what new applications there are for old products. It has been several months since we last sent an update email so this newsletter is to show you what we have been doing.

We have been shipping our AMD4, an Atlas N-scale drop-in decoder, for several years now. In the past several months we made various revisions to the AMD4 so that it better serves the applications in which it is used. We added slots in the motor pads so the motor tabs can make more consistent contact. Also, we added extra pads for the light functions that have resistors already in the circuit so the decoder now supports 12volt bulbs as well as 3volt LEDs. In the past week we became aware of the fact that our AMD4 fits into a locomotive that we were not before aware of. Your Atlas C420 can be converted to DCC using our AMD4. This is great news and hopefully we will continue to find more locomotives which utilize the AMD4.

We have also released our K1D4, a new N-scale drop-in decoder for Kato locomotives. This is our first ever Kato N-scale drop-in and fits the Kato: SD40, SD40-2, SD70MAC, SD70/75M, C44-9W, and AC4400, as well as the Athearn EMD F45. There is an alternate version of the K1D4 that comes without motor tabs and fits into the Kato GG1.

We are working on designing another Kato N-scale drop-in locomotive called the K2D4 that will fit the Kato: RS2, RSC2, SD80/90MAC and the Walthers RS2. We already have in our possession the Kato SD80/90MAC and a Walthers RS2, but we would like to get our hands on a Kato RS2 or RSC2 so that we can design a decoder that will fit all the models. If you have a Kato RS2 or RSC2 and are willing to allow us to have it for 3-4 months for research and development purposes, please contact us. For your compensation we will send your locomotive back to you with a decoder installed. If you allow us to use your locomotive we will test fit some of the first K2D4 decoders in your locomotive and we will take pictures of it for our installation instructions.

We also wanted to make you aware that we are working on our first ever G-scale decoder. We have two prototype G8’s already built and we are in the process of testing them. Since we are using all new electrical components for this decoder (because of the higher voltage and amperage of G-scale) we cannot anticipate what delays we will come across. If all goes well we will be shipping our G8 decoder sometime in June.

As a side note we were delighted to recieve an excellent review of the EUN651 and the Z2 in the U.K. Model Rail magazine. The author of this article said: "Two excellent new decoders. Fully featured despite their incredibly small size". Also, he said: "The 'Z2' is one of the smallest decoders... Despite its small size, it can still supply up to 1Amp motor current". Check out May issue of Model Rail for the full review.

Best Regards,
Arthur, Jordan and Nathan
Train Control Systems

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